Thursday, April 21, 2016


Terence Jack shouldn't have much trouble being on the road through the East Coast over the next few days. After all, he spent the last decade running his own travel company that specialized in exotic places and trips. I guess it's only fitting the alt-tourist guy also specializes in alt-folk.

After a debut album in 2015, the Vancouver-based Jack is back with a generous E.P., six cuts, called Never Get Back. The big surprise is how much he rocks, with some pretty big sounds, production and lots of his electric guitar, including lap steel. The cut She Flies Down South is a great wash of pounding drums, massed vocals and soaring moments that would make Arcade Fire happy. The title cut is a more mellow affair, but equally lush, with a dreamy collage of strums and keys. It reminds me of some great waves crashing the coastline of an exotic locale. I'm guessing he's probably seen that.

The lyrics are pretty interesting as well, a certain spirituality, and searching themes. The core of these melodic numbers should easily translate to a more stripped-down concert setting as well, so this looks to be an interesting show to catch. Jack will be at these Maritime tour stops:

April 25 - Plan B, Moncton
April 26 - Baba's Lounge, Charlottetown
April 27 - The Carleton, Halifax
April 28 - Hollywood Star Room, Ripples, N.B.

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