Friday, March 20, 2015


From the Juno-winning Winnipeg alt-country group Nathan comes this side project, headed by singer Keri Latimer, along with her band mate/spouse/bassist Devin Latimer.  She's the driving force here, with off-kilter lyrics and other-worldly country and pop sounds, plus a sweetheart voice singing not-so-sweet subject matter.  Vultures circle overhead, squirrels are in the attic, there's a kiss in the toxic rain, and a town that hits 40-below at 4 AM.  Stuff is going on here.

Meanwhile, more stuff is happening in the music.  In the producer's chair was the formidable Steve Dawson, a master performer and sound-steward.  Dawson has no problem with the roots side of course, handling all the guitar, slide, pedal steel, etc., but also stretching everyone's perceptions of what the genre can offer.  Beds of mystery sounds back up Latimer's vocals at times, some doctored guitars, and even some theremin playing from the singer.  There's a sense of space throughout, all matching those enigmatic lyrics.  The most traditional song is actually a cover of The Handsome Family's Don't Be Scared.  The biggest surprise is a spacey cover of Bowie's The Man Who Sold The World.  Everything else comes from Latimer, including Healing Feeling, with it's plea, "Is there a doctor in the house?  Is there a poet in the crowd?  I think I'm dying but the bleeding is deep inside where reason hides."  Stuff is going on here. 

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