Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Out of Toronto comes The Treasures, alt-country with an edge, sharpened by long runs in the city's club scene.  The hard work has paid off, as they've come up with a set of strong originals, a group sound that's all their own, and an energy that comes across on this debut album.

What's grand about the band is how they slide back and forth across the country line, with three singers and no shortage of ideas.  Lead track In The Meantime gets the Gram Parsons influence out of the way quick, with a number that could have been on the Burrito Brothers' Gilded Palace Of Sin, complete with the Memphis Horns.  There's a couple of loose, Stones-like numbers, a la Dead Flowers.  Crossed The Wrong Woman is even tougher, loud guitar and three-part harmonies, searing slide guitar and a nasty delivery.

Producer by the absolutely right guy, Colin Linden, the songs were captured largely live in the studio, again a great choice, because you don't want this stuff polished.  You can hear the band members playing off each other, finding the right twang, getting the right sound as a unit.  Perfect for fans of The Jayhawks, early Wilco, Blue Rodeo.  Perfect for me, then.

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