Saturday, October 3, 2015


Famous Rock Star: I want to make an album. Will you release it?

Big Record Label: No. Nobody buys old rock star's music anymore. They just go to your concerts.

Famous Rock Star: But I need to feel like a legitimate artist, not a has-been. I'll do anything.

Big Record Label: Okay, here's the deal. Guest stars. Has to be lots of them.

Famous Rock Star: Sure, I got lots of friends. I can get Jackson, Linda, Crosby, Nash, Stevie, Lindsay, the guys in my band...

Big Record Label: No no, they aren't hip anymore. We need country stars. They sell records.

Famous Rock Star: Country? Why country?

Big Record Label: Because you're making a country album.

Famous Rock Star: What? I'm a rock star. I can't do country.

Big Record Label: Sure you can. Jewel did it. Hootie did it.

Famous Rock Star: What does country sound like?

Big Record Label: Oh, exactly like you sounded in the '70's. Just make it like that. Just say that you've always really wanted to make a country album, and you're finally where you belong.

Famous Rock Star: Okay. I got the songs already.

Big Record Label: Great. Just book a pedal steel player.

Famous Rock Star: Done.  And, I got Mick Jagger.

Big Record Label: Hmm. Okay. But only if you get Miranda Lambert too. Deal?

Famous Rock Star: Deal.

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