Tuesday, October 27, 2015


More heavy-duty rock from Moncton's Motorleague, played at full energy. This has to be one of the most powerful bands in the country, working at punk speed and metal volume, but somehow keeping lots and lots of melody and tunefulness throughout. There are drums, drums, pounding drums, and lots of grinding guitar that just keeps churning and sustaining. Even when they try to slow things down and back up the amps off eleven on one lone track, Burn Everything, it doesn't take long before the power ballad becomes more scary than soft.

Underneath all the oomph is a set of songs that could have come straight out of the '70's, when guitar bands were trying to stave off disco. There's no pretense here, it's meat-and-potatoes rock, the message straightforward, musically and lyrically. "I've got you like a wounded animal" isn't a complicated theme for a song, but you don't want philosophy when your head is bobbing too fast to think. So the basic concept is simple, a rock quarter with two guitars, bass and drums, but who knew something this loud could be this catchy?

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