Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A surprise national breakout for the understated Halifax band, with significant Radio 2 play on CBC. Release number three sees the band getting more and more concise, the songs featuring solid, memorable choruses, hooks and bridges, enjoyable modern pop that does sound great on the radio. Producer Daniel Ledwell is there with his usual bag of tricks (heard on works by Jenn Grant,Gabrielle Papillon, etc.), and its a good partnership. The band is certainly looking to make the same kind of aurally captivating music as Ledwell.

There is a healthy optimism to the songs, and a real honesty in the lyrics. On Good Advice, singer Trevor Murphy admits "The truth is I'm scared, I've seen all the mistakes worth making." Musically, there are strong roots sounds with lots of harmonies, a kind of rural dream pop, with a healthy dollop of Nova Scotia fog. Murphy's vocals are friendly and comfortable, Julia Weir's answering harmonies right there through much of the material as well, another big part of the overall warmth. When Murphy sings "I wanna buy you a real house" in the penultimate song I Will Try, after complaining about the lousy pipes in the apartment, and vowing to live on the lake, you come to the realization that these are some pretty good people telling us how life is going for them. Glad to know ya.

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