Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Honestly, I've been waiting for these guys to give me another song as infectious as Weighty Ghost for awhile, through two albums. Not that they haven't given us good stuff, but heck, I have a book out with that song listed as one of the country's Top 100 singles, like, ever. How's about another of those, I'm thinking.

I'm happy to say the lead cut and single here, Amerika, has that same spark, and so does most of the rest of album. Cut after cut, joyous melodies and matching vocals are met with big drums, some nifty keyboard parts and the mystery band element, a kind of otherworldly sonic presence. No, not ghosts, more alien I reckon. Hey, it's late.

The most enjoyable part is the upbeat energy across the album. More Than has a great closing part with gang vocals, and the infectious bass work on Spirit, matched with some crunchy guitar and more happy chanting makes that track another potential hit. As for a celebrity cameo, a bass part by Mr. Geddy Lee on Territory works just fine, thank you very much. It's inspired from start to finish.

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