Saturday, June 3, 2017


Stompa was certainly a game-changer for Ryder. She'd already been a favourite, with Junos and solid reviews, but after the success of that single, and the Harmony album from 2012, she could add platinum to her resume. That's the trifecta right there; sales, awards, critical praise.

Ryder has apparently been working feverishly since then, with over 100 songs at the ready, and it sounds like all the big, catchy ones where chosen for her new collection, with Stompa energy all over it. Electric Love has that infectious beat, and finds her embracing techno and dance. It's pretty obvious stuff, especially in the lyric department, but fun still, and made glorious with her gutsy pipes. Got Your Number is another crazy, catchy track, this time with a little more soul to it, a cut that Amy Winehouse would have loved. Even her ballads, such as Sanctuary, are now bigger and brighter productions. Ryder has fully moved from singer-songwriter to pop now, but it's certainly pop with substance, and lots of dynamic performance skills.

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