Thursday, June 1, 2017


From the beautiful Halifax collective The Heavy Blinkers comes Stewart Legere with his first-ever solo project. The album was long in fruition (four years) but it's heavy on rewards, with 14 cuts, each as gorgeous as the next. The Blinkers are known for their richness, and while Legere follows that path in melodies, words and arrangements, it's more of an acoustic approach, lots of guitar songs rather than piles of sounds. What there is lots of is vocals, with plenty of Legere's friends showing up on each cut. He takes the lead and a second voice joins. There are a couple of full guest appearances, from Jenn Grant and Rose Cousins, and full support throughout from Kim Harris, Melanie Stone and Don Brownrigg. Blinkers mainman Jason MacIsaac produces along with Legere, and they keep it gorgeous throughout, absolutely ear-pleasing.

If one is inclined, there's a story to find in the emotional songs, or at least a heart to observe. Without bitterness, a great love ends, and Legere puts it all out there in a series of reflective songs. He's searching too, not so much for answers, but more for kindred souls who think about love and friendship and goodness and how to appreciate it and give it back. There are sad moments for sure ('I should have left you before I met you' is one sentiment) but it's done with grace, and made with elegance. Legere is a fine singer as well, and the listening experience is completely rewarding.

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