Monday, May 21, 2018


Nova Scotia's Christina Martin kicks off a spring tour this week with a string of Maritime dates for her brand-new album, Impossible To Hold. Now, I reviewed this release back in March, but it's Victoria Day and I'm taking a bit of a holiday this long weekend, so why not used the time to promote the concerts, and replay the review? Seems like a fair compromise.  Plus, she's excellent live, so come out and see a show if you can, East Coasters.  Here are the dates:

Thursday, May 24 Corked Wine Bar - Fredericton
Friday, May 25  House Concert - Miramichi NB
Saturday, May 26 John Giles Music Room - Woodstock NB
Friday, June 1 Salty Roses & The Periwinkle Cafe - Ingonish NS
Saturday, June 2 Townhouse Brewpub - Antigonish NS
Sunday, June 3 House Concert - French Road NS
Friday, June 8 Glasgow Square Theatre - New Glasgow NS
Saturday, June 9 Petite Riviere Vineyards - Petite Riviere NS
Sunday, June 10 Capitol Theatre - Oxford, NS

There's a wider musical palette on this latest, from one of the most consistently strong Maritime singer-songwriters. Along with producer/guitar player/husband Dale Murray, Dave Rawlings to her Gillian Welch, Martin is ranging into styles you'd never call roots. Always Reminding is bubbly '80's electronic pop, while Foreign features a Euro/Bowie techno chill. Keep Me Calm is catchy with '60's Top 10 touches and the single Lungs Are Burning is everything Stevie Nicks should still be doing with Fleetwood Mac.

That's all very welcome, as it makes the 10-track album widely varied and adventurous. The key though lies in her dramatic delivery of sharp observational lyrics, whether it's a relationship moment or someone's personal crisis. It feels like we're on the knife-edge in each song, when things could go wrong, but love manages to save the day or at least pull us back for now. This album is why the repeat button was invented.

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