Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Here's the debut solo album from this gentle Toronto songwriter, now on tour through the East Coast. Moxam makes crisp, clear acoustic songs straight out of the 70s singer-songwriter tradition, built up with pop melodies and a subtle amount of extra instruments and harmonies. He sounds closest to an updated Cat Stevens, with precise, personal lyrics and plenty of sad chords in those heart-tugging places.

The effect is meditative, soothing and seductive, as Moxam has a fine voice and a great delivery. The slow pace lets the lines hit home: "I am a young man in my prime/wasting away my precious time." The title cut is great little tribute to a peaceful time in the outdoors: "The grass is green, the trees are tall and we should all/enjoy this lovely day." I'll buy that.

You can see Moxam in concert in Fredericton on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at Grimross Brewing, Thursday in Halifax at The Seahorse, Friday at the Tide and Boar in Moncton, and Saturday at the Dunk in P.E.I. All shows also feature Blue Sky Miners, with Moxam on bass, with them doing back-up for his shows.

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