Friday, May 5, 2017


You know how I know up and coming blues duo Earle and Coffin have the right attitude? Because at the recent East Coast Music Awards, I saw the young duo sitting close at the renowned Flocase, watching the beloved Flo Sampson play her late-night mix of piano favourites, soaking up all the atmosphere. Most 17-year-olds would be trying to sneak into some hotel party at 3 a.m. to score some beer, but these two were jamming with a senior, who was happily leading them through Love Potion #9 and Flip, Flop and Fly.

One listen to the new Wood Wire Blood & Bone confirms the pair have already picked up lots of blues knowledge, and they have the instincts too. It's a guitar-heavy set of seven originals and three covers, There's no novelty to the young folks doing the working blues of 16 Tons, sounding easily mature enough for the cut, and delivering a surprising, sharp electric guitar line in the break of this normally acoustic number. That continues on all the originals, played and sang with confidence, and above all, guts. Not to harp on it, but there's some really intense guitar going on, starting with the opening cut, Someday, with dual leads and loads of volume. Closer You've Done Nothing is a slower burn at seven minutes, but with intensity as well, showing they can handle the blues ballads too. They should be around a good long time, especially if they keep learning from their elders.

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