Monday, May 1, 2017


Her backstory is pretty interesting, as she may be the only person in the world who moved from Australia to Moncton to Saskatchewan. There's probably more than a few stories in there that inform Dall'Osto's debut album, and whatever they are sure left an interesting mark. She's developed a haunted, old-time sound that's steeped in mystery and atmosphere.

Dall'Osto is joined here by her producers, the fine Saskatchewan roots duo Kacy and Clayton, fellow fans of antique folk. On drums is Clayton's pal in The Deep Dark Woods, Lucas Goetz. Opening cut "Graveyard Shift" is some strange country mix of a forlorn western lover's lament and a Lee Hazlewood production of Nancy Sinatra. It feels a hundred-plus years old, but has drums and vibes and electric piano on it. First single "Hear The Drums" is equally haunted, but with a surprising slow groove. It's soaked with echo, as are all the eight cuts, and uses a writing style from the 19th century: "I'm young and only passing through."

"Wrong Kind Of Crazy" is more conventional country, at least the good, classic kind, It takes Patsy Cline's "Crazy" one step further, questioning just how healthy obsessions are. All the sounds, lyric and especially Dall'Osto's vocals on the album are filled with a beautiful melancholy, a sadness over life's troubles. It's that same unsettled feeling we get listening to the old Child Ballads of England and Scotland, or the Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music. Pretty awesome stuff from a small group of Saskatoon folk fanatics.

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