Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The young man with the big sound, this is the second mini-album from P.E.I.'s Menzie, following 2013's, Heather Avenue. This time there's seven cuts, a half-hour of tunes, enough to satisfy those hooked by the popular cut Kenya. That song has led the way on what's become a breakout year for Menzie, which saw him make it all the way to the final four in CBC's Searchlight competition, and now sits on top their Radio 2 chart.

Producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Fortunate Ones) helps add the epic, from the straight-ahead rock of Talk To Me, to the more introspective but aurally-awesome Surviving Just On Coffee (ace title alert!). Menzie does need to be careful and mix it up, as he can get a little too close to Plaskettville at times, with his vocal hoots and tight rhymes, heard on Julia, so the more experimentation the better. And certainly Kenya is a good step away from the classic East Coast rock sound, and so is the ringing acoustic cover of Led Zep's That's The Way. What I'm hearing most is a strong combo classic troubadour and up-to-the-minute textures, and that's different.

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