Sunday, November 26, 2017


The second member of the fantastic young Acadian trio Les Hay Babies to do a solo side project, like her pal Vivianne Roy (as Laura Sauvage), Aubé uses the opportunity to fly way outside the group's roots style. Instead she moves into pop-psychedelia, with hazy '60's references, lots of bluesy lead guitar, and danceable tunes for your favourite local freak-out.

Aubé comes across like a Francophone Nancy Sinatra, handling a variety of moods, from velvety morning ballads to Joplin squalls, all with a layer of mystery. The sound is magic, courtesy of MRC in Memramcook, the studio that's quickly becoming the centre of Acadian recording, responsible for recent award-winners by Menoncle Jason and The Divorcees. Add in exceptional guitar on every track by a surprise guest, none other than blues Juno winner Garrett Mason, whose licks fit the feel perfectly.

But it's Aubé's spirit that makes the set shine, with her adventurous approach, and as stated clearly in the title cut, Joie de vivre. Lyrically the album's full of off-kilter love songs, with Aubé no fool in such matters, it's not her first rodeo, she reminds us. This is a confident album that draws you in and keeps you glued from start to finish.

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