Thursday, November 30, 2017


This young Saint John/Mount A performer is a breath of fresh air in concert, with a great sense of humour and some sharp insights about life and friends and basic craziness. For her debut, we get a seven-track EP, pretty basic and unadorned, just some light bass, drums, guitar and violin to back her voice and acoustic guitar. But you get the sense of her writing, observing her friends and characters going through a few troubles and pains, and being pretty insightful about it all.

Things With Sam is the most effective, as Fox sings and plays alone, giving us the lowdown on a split-up, a guy going away who says he'll be in touch, but that never happens. She packs a lot of details into the story, again her ability to place us in the scene and tell us what she's seeing a real strength. I quite liked Fox live, and when she finds the right studio sound and instruments to compliment her style, she'll have quite an impact as a recording artist as well.

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