Monday, December 4, 2017


A recent trip to Toronto led to an introduction to the music of Lacey Hill, from Six Nations. Falling somewhere in the singer-songwriter/folk school, Hill is a rich, emotional singer and writer, with an intensity that only gets stronger the more stripped-down her material is.

This 9-song set starts and ends with songs featuring just Hill playing on ukulele, which sounds deceptively simple. But opener All I See Is You is lighthearted and the playing up and happy, while closer Had Me @Hello is gentle and sentimental, a lovely memory of a first encounter. Hill has a strong, lower voice, so the contrast with the light, sweet notes of the ukulele is effective. When she switches to acoustic guitar, she adds some spare lead guitar and bass at times, but still the songs are pretty much focused on her voice and lyrics, which draw you in with ease.

A big part of the emotional punch comes from the inspiration for the songs, the loss of a partner far too young. The songs reflect the good and the tough, memories of first meetings and times together, and the pain of the loss. There's hope too, the acknowledgment of better days ahead, even with a broken heart. Wind-n-Feathers is a masterful soul ballad, her voice completely in control. It's quite a stirring collection.

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